In 90 days, The Business Architect programme will...
  • Provide you with the strategy, structure, systems and support you need to grow your business in a way that is authentically you and feels fun and stress free.
  • ​It’s the difference between business building (aka hustle and grind) and business architecture (a seamless and scalable masterpiece), so that the outcome for you is a whole business model that is intentional, profitable and scalable to 6 figures and beyond.
Welcome to a world where you can stop working IN your business and start working ON creating your empire.
If you are a coach, consultant or creative service-based entrepreneur that wants to create a work/life blend that gives back more time for family and fun, whilst also making more money and impact, read on and discover how to design your dream biz.
  • Overwhelmed by social media, posting all the time but not getting engagement, growing your audience or converting to enquiries?
  • Spending most of your time and energy delivering 1:1 coaching or doing work for your clients rather than being the mentor?
  • Scared to ask for money and sell your services to people because you don't want to come across salesy and sleazy?
  • Scratching around every month for your next client, putting out offers and discounts, but not attracting the right clients or clients that are ready to buy?
  • Giving a lot of free advice, jumping on calls and messaging back and forth with potential clients that are uncommitted?
  • Selling your time by the hour or creating multiple low price programmes that require you to be present all the time to deliver? 
What you need is marketing methodology that is both strategic and soul aligned

No more guess work about what you should be doing, no more battling with tech overwhelm and certainly no more melt downs involving large amounts of wine and chocolate!
When you have a real strategy it's like having the code to a lock that you've been trying to break. 
You will start to magnetise the right clients to you, you will create more time and ease for yourself and you will have a business model that allows you to scale, without relying on you.
Can you imagine?...
...Waking up in your dream home to the smell of your favourite oils, the feel of beautiful bedding and views from your balcony window.  Ready to start your day, your way.  
Eating a healthy breakfast after a light run or yoga session, totally on your time.  

You are excited to get into your home office to spend the day with your trusted team, creating and doing work you love.  Inspiring your growing loyal audience by confidently sharing your message in a way that empowers and changes lives.

You are home early to spend quality time with your loved ones, enjoying great food and conversation together, knowing that you can support them, give them amazing experiences and future security.  

You fill your home with things you love, scented candles, fresh flowers and memories from your travels around the world.

You are proud, safe, free and complete.

Meet Emma 'The Soulful Scientist'
Hi, I’m Emma, ‘The Soulful Scientist’ of business coaching. 

My signature framework ‘The Business Architect Blueprint’ bridges the gap of science and soul, algorithm and alchemy to provide you with the strategic elements you'll need to master for a successful online business.

Working with me you will get;
The exact 6 core principals you need in place for a COMPLETE online business model, that is intentional, profitable and scalable.


A soulful approach to executing these strategies that allows you to be authentically you, have more fun and ease in the process, and grow in confidence as a flourishing business owner

I have combined more than a decade in marketing for big global brands, latterly as a director of a commercial marketing agency, before taking my big leap into entrepreneurship and launching my first online business from scratch.


When I started my first business years ago I took every course going, attended all the webinars, downloaded all the guides, read all the books, went to all the events and invested tens of thousands of my own money into figuring it all out., it wasn't pretty!

Now I am offering you the opportunity to skip the giant mountain learning curve and start growing your online business the right way, first time.

The reason that so many people don’t achieve their big business goals is because a goal without a plan is just a dream.

Anyone that tells you that to grow your online empire just need to show up ‘speak your truth’ and get into ‘ease and flow’ has lost their mind in one of those manifestation meditations they’ve been flogging you!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge believer in creating soulful practices, self-care routines and working on your personal growth and mindset (which we will do), because when you are your best self, people will magnetise to you.

BUT, if you are serious about creating a business model that actually allows you to be the business owner and not have your business rely solely on you, you are going to need some soulful strategy, systems and structures in place.
Because I hate to burst your beautiful bubble but a business that needs you to operate isn’t a real business.


During my career I got to support a multibillion dollar company that was floundering in administration to transform and flourish online, I have mentored start-ups to get their brands on shelves in front of millions of consumers and my greatest privilege of all; supporting entrepreneurs like you to build and scale online.

And in every instance, I found one thing to be true for all businesses big and small.

The same missing link.


It might sound contrary when you’ve been told about following intuition but it’s Strategy + Structure that creates the space for intuition and creativity to flow.
When you have a plan and know what you should be doing every day and how to do it, all your pieces fit together like a yummy chocolate box!

The reason the work I do is unique is because I marry Science and Soul.

The Science is the blueprint, the roadmap, the strategy and structures.
The Soul is your vision, your belief, your talent, your uniqueness.

I will help you harness both.  And the two combined is a powerful formula for success. 

I am so excited to help you make this happen, 

To designing your dream.
The Business Architect

This is an intimate 90 day group program is designed specifically for YOU if you are already running your service based business but want to scale your profits and have more freedom by growing online OR you are just starting out and want to create your online empire

There are 6 core pillars of a successful online business, you will learn how to master and implement ALL of these during your time in The Business Architect
The 6 core pillars of your business
The first step to growing your business is to build up your online communities with an audience made up of your ideal dream clients.  To do this you must first be clear and confident in what you do, specifically who you help and how you help them, so that you can speak directly to the heart of your client in a way that makes them feel understood and connected to you on a deeper level.
A brand is not just about a fancy logo or looking good on a website (although we will work on your visual identity as well) but it's about standing out from the crowd. Knowing your unique position in the market, being magnetic in the way that you share your message and being authentically you.  When you are selling a service YOU are your own personal brand and in this module we will help you to step into that fully and feel confident and impactful

As a personal service based entrepreneur more than 90% of your business will come from within your existing communities.  This is where you can build up trust, relationships, likability and credibility, so building your network and knowing how and when to connect with them is crucial to your success.
You will learn how to build your community on and offline, how to connect with clients in a way that is genuine and doesn't feel creepy!  How to manage your community and create two way engagement and feel good vibes.  
You will also learn how to become confident on camera to run powerful live sessions that will become the core of your organic social media marketing strategy, including a proven structure for your lives that will convert to leads.
Now that you are clear on your clients needs you can create 1 or 2 irresistible offers and programmes that provide the result they are looking for and allow you to work at your maximum client capacity and profit (as chosen by you). 
Here we will refine your existing offer or create a new one that you love delivering.  We will help you create amazing content, put in place all the systems that give you back time and freedom to focus on tasks in your genius zone.  
We will help you decide the best way to deliver your programme, how to price it at a sweet spot to get fully booked and how to provide a great experience for your clients, so that they get incredible results and become raving fans with inspiration testimonials to share.

When done in a strategic and intention way, social content is a powerful tool for positioning you as an authority in your field.  It can help you grow your audience without paid traffic, directly sell your services, attract invitations for collaborations or speaking opportunities that raise your profile and profits.
There are core styles of content and a strategic framework for writing your posts, that you will master to create impactful copy that converts.  
You will learn how to choose topics that will really inspire and resonate with your clients, so that you are never lost for ideas.  We will teach you how to structure emails and posts for the difference social platforms, how often and when to distribute your content for maximum reach.
You will also learn how you use a creative suite to make your visuals POP and capture your audiences attention.

Here you will learn and implement an end to end process for generating leads on auto.
You will create a freedom marketing funnel that includes a lead magnet designed to attract your ideal clients, a lead capture page to collect new prospects contact details and a strategic email marketing sequence that will nurture your new leads and build familiarity with you.
You will also learn how to use Facebook to drive paid advertising to your lead magnet, using audience profiling and strategies to optimise your budget.
You will be supported with easy to follow training and systems, so even if you consider yourself a techphobe now, you will soon feel confident in your online marketing.

In this part of the programme you will create an enrolment process that feels really good for you and your client, so they are informed, inspired and ready to invest in your high ticket services, without pushy sales techniques or sleazy sales tactics, urgh!
By pre-qualifying clients in your sales enrolment you will only speak to clients that have already decided to make change and know that you are the coach for them.  
This equates to a soulful and honest conversation about what your client needs and how you can provide that to them.  We teach you how to guide the conversation to make your client feel excited and empowered to move forward with you.  
You will also learn how to help your client move past any fears and objections that come up about time, money, asking significant other for permission, in a way that is loving and not manipulative as you may have experience yourself in the past.

"Emma has an amazing gift for creating clarity and simplicity around business"

"Before working with her I had no idea which direction to go in first and was overwhelmed with having so much to do. She helped me plan everything out step by step and break it into bite size pieces. She has shared so much knowledge and given me the confidence to believe in myself. My ideas and my goals are all coming together just perfectly, and I just can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store for my business."

- Aimee Downing, health and wellness coach.
Inside The Business Architect you will receive...
Live weekly group calls where you can get 1:1 support on anything you are working on and ask questions on the content and action points for that week.  Also a chance to connect face to face with your fellow members.
Online content will be accessible via an online portal where you will find video and activity guides designed to help you with the implementation of what you are learning, but with focus on action not education.
24/7 access to an intimate exclusive community of other entrepreneurs with whom you can connect and share your journey, ask questions and get supported outside of the live coaching sessions.
You will be able to send content in for review and feedback for the duration of the programme.  We do not just teach you theory but will be here to help you refine your offering and get the best outcome for your business.
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We love to give our members individual attention, so spaces are limited, please don't wait
Join The Business Architect risk free.  If after the first 30 days you have decide that it is not the right fit for you we can say cheerio and part company with no hard feelings and no further payments will be taken.

It is perfectly normal to have some fears when you make a decision to invest in yourself and your business  I want to help you to remove any of those fears and help you to take the big leap with total confidence, by offering you this guarantee and my dedicated support.

**Please see full terms below

"Emma is a mentor you just want to keep all to yourself!"
"Just being in her company makes you feel confident and motivated to achieve your dreams. After my first session with her and watching her glow as she talks so confidently about building a new business and the steps to making a start with achievable goals and timelines, I felt I had the support I need to ‘make that change’ 
and that my business desires were within reach and real.

It is because of Emma, that I had my epiphany earlier this year. Whilst in her company, I felt the passion radiate out of me and had the Eureka moment for expanding my business, after 15 very successful years.

We share the same values, it’s brilliant when you find someone who absolutely gets you and nails your desires."

- Lorraine Milligan, Personal Brand Stylist & Photographer
"I would recommend her to anyone, she has helped me break down the many parts of my business into bite sized and achievable steps"

Emma has been so valuable to my business. She helped me launch my first online program, creating leads through social media and build my private Facebook community. She's encouraging, reliable and supportive. I would recommend her to anyone and she has helped me break down the many parts of my business into bite-sized and achievable steps

- Shola Kaye, Public Speaking Coach & Author of Speak up Like a D.I.V.A
"With Emma's mentorship we are on track to grow our business to multiple 6-figures this year."

Emma gave us the strategy and systems that connected us to more than 4000 new people in our social network in just a couple of weeks, something we had been trying to do for years.  We can't quite believe it. This is already having huge impact on our income, plus we have attracted high profile sponsorship and been able to expanded our team. We have big plans for the future and with Emma’s mentorship is on track to grow our business to multiple 6 figures this year.

- Stephanie Brennan, Head Coach 
  • ​You are already a coach, consultant or have a personal brand selling a service and want to scale your business online
  •  You are a talented professional working in a service-based role and you want to make the leap to your own business and entrepreneurship online
  •  You are newly qualified coach and know that having an online presence is key to building your authority and attracting new clients
  •  You are working 1:1 with clients but you want to take step back from the 'doing' and start being the leader and mentor
  •  You want the freedom to work from anywhere, when you want and travel freely.
  •  You are ready to invest in your future.
  • ​You want a business that allows you to earn more, do something you love, but also have more time to be around for your family 
  •  You get butterflies in your tummy when you think about all your creative ideas coming to life as an online business with you as the CEO.
  •  You think you are a techphobe but you really want to master online and social media without getting grey hairs!
  •  You have big plans for your lifestyle, a dream house picked out, the holiday brochures to Bora Bora, but you need the business to match the lifestyle.
  •  You've always known you were meant for big things, maybe to write a book one day, speak on stage or run your own retreats, you just don't know where to start.
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We love to give our members individual attention, so spaces are limited, please don't wait
How quickly will I make money?
That really depends on you :-) When you take inspired action on the things you are learning things will happen for you.  When you show up, do the work, put yourself out there and commit you will see the results of your efforts.  I got my first 3 paying clients before I even launched my programme just through the connections I made in the process.
Can I spread the cost of my investment?
Yes no problem.  We have payment plans available to help you juggle your cash flow.
How do I receive coaching?
There will be weekly live calls that take place on Zoom, so you can dial in wherever you are in the world.  This is your opportunity for 1:1 coaching.  To ask questions about what you are learning, get inspired by your fellow members and remove any stumbling blocks.
You will also have access to a private community where you can ask questions and get support outside of the live coaching sessions.
Plus you will have a private feed to Emma to send your work for review and receive your feedback.
Do I have enough time to do this?
You will need to dedicate 6-10 hours a week to work through the content, attend coaching calls and implement what you are learning.  As with most things the more time you can apply yourself, the better your result will be, but we encourage balance and will help you manage your time with existing clients and work.
What is different about this programme?
Firstly, we are action orientated.  This is a programme for you to execute what you are learning each week to make significant progress, you are not here just to learn new ideas.  This is a hands on experience designed to get you results.

We only take a small group with each enrolment to offer an intimate and personal experience.   We will have eyes on your business, you will be sending your work for review and will receive feedback every step of the way.  You are not doing this alone.

We've created a mentorship experience, rather than a teach-yourself experience.  I've been on both sides of the fence and I know what entrepreneurs need  (aka there is no fluff here).
A final word from Emma...
If you are still here it's because you know in your heart there is something better for you out there, another way to make things work.

You want the freedom to live life on your terms,  to see the world, to enjoy precious moments with family, to escape 'the norm' and the hustle of the rat race.  You want to do something that lights you up when you talk about it, where you get paid to be your best self.  Live free of worry, doubt and fear.

And you want to feel complete.  Because you did it.
And have no regrets.  

With you all the way, 

Apply now and I will chat to you soon.
Emma xox

Ready? Lets do this, I am waiting to speak to you
We love to give our members individual attention, so spaces are limited, please don't wait
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**Happiness Guarantee - if after 30 days of mentorship you decide that this is not a good fit for you and you can evidence willingness to participate and implement all the strategies taught during this period (including attending calls, participating in the group forum and submitting exercises for review) I will be happy to part company with no further questions or payment after the first 30 days.  
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